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From Seed to Success our goal is to assist Cannabis Entrepreneurs & Town Municipalities create the local standards that will shape  business climate. In doing so their towns or cities  create a working model for Cannabis Commerce and Public Use in Safe Clean Environments.

These new local and state policies will ensure that Certified Consumption Grade Cannabis is offered in these retail locations.

Along with this, the public must form cohesive use standards that adults understand and respect.

We can help address that public concerns are researched through Town Hall Meetings and online public opinion polling.

In an effort to ensure your business or municipality will be well received by the public when recreational use is the law.

For your City, we can direct the potential new business requests by working with you to create the needed Departments and Licensing procedures.

Additionally we assist businesses to navigate your towns new requirements for opening this type of company.

Cannabis Seed to Success Can Help

Cannabis Seed to Success can assist police with suggestions regarding intoxication levels when encountering DWI (M) or Publicly intoxicated citizens.

Our team also will assist law enforcement working with your elected officials to create New responsible use procedures in your local area. In doing so assist them in interpreting the potential new state laws.

With the Planets pre-eminent experts in recreational cannabis cultivation, and industrial yields experts that have presented in front of Congress, Coupled with over 200 years of cumulative real world experience, we will guide you through this new world. Our partners are New York State’s foremost experts.


Cannabis, Seed to Success is the only choice.

Buffalo NY  Western New York :: Southern Ontario, Toronto  :: New York State NYC

Our aim is to assist our clients to be part of this positive change in cannabis and marijuana legislation and to assist in the transformation by sharing our knowledge and experience.

Buffalo NYC Cannabis Marijuana We have partnered with a team of experts who have sought out and researched cultivation practices. These practices have been used in other states, and countries, for over 30 years. CSS has developed a system that includes the most efficient growing techniques, indoor garden technology, and safest cultivation practices.

Moving forward, we feel it is part of our duty to work with lawmakers on both sides of the border, expanding and perfecting this law with a more inclusive purpose with an eye to create more options for our clients who wish to grow their businesses, or server their constituents, city, town or Province.

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The Pioneers

Let us ensure that we remember the pioneers of legalization. Without them there would be none of these opportunities.

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