Cannabis Seed to Success assists local legislators, law enforcement and businesses create responsible use procedures, standards & regulations.

Our Mission: Government & Municipalities

We support governments and municipalities by providing consulting services, education, training, tools and information. In the new industry of legal cannabis, we seek to revolutionize the system.  We will achieve this together by advising on the legislation of cannabis cultivation and dispensary of cannabis products to ensure public safety.

Our Mission: Commercial Businesses

Our goal is to help entrepreneurs succeed in the industry by providing consulting services and strategies developed by our experienced cannabis team.

We can assist entrepreneurs in the process of identifying locations to establish their business.  In addition, we can manage the Design and Construction of commercial grow facilities and retail locations in accordance with local law. Some properties may offer tax incentives in your region, we can help secure your next property!

We help our growers and dispensaries cultivate and acquire high-quality organic cannabis that exceeds the minimum standards for public consumption. You will also have the opportunity to purchase industrial and recreational cannabis strains based on your business needs.  The strains we offer are provided by world renowned cultivators.

Legislation and licenses are an essential piece of cannabis legalization, but can require much of your attention and require unknown details.  We will direct you through the process and help you open your new cannabis venture!